Opposing Views

Though we all know that Rock N' Roll Religion is a for sure thing and that at its core lives love and acceptance, there are people out there who are absolutely convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Rock Music is evil and that rock musicians are Devil Worshipers and or Satanists. Well.. perhaps they are. You be the judge.

Creative Process 

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Following is a list of fonts used during for the creation of Unplugged Confessional: The Religion of Rock:

Keep on Truckin', designed by Brian Eater's Font Co.
Nirvana Roman, designed by Donnie Lee Black Dog Studios
Helvetica Neue, designed by Linotype
Impact, designed by Geoffrey Lee
Junko's Typewriter, designed by Junkohanhero
Paint it Black, designed by Neo El Feo
VTKS Rude Metal, designed by Douglas Vitkauskas
Punk's Not Dead, designed by Punksnotdead
Cooper Black, designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper
Diner, designed by Broderbund Software
Royal Acid and Royal Acidbath, designed by Sharkshock


Research involved multiple opinions, ideas, and theories concerning youth culture, the effect and influence rock music has on society as well as individual communities; history of rock music in the United States; relationships between rock music and religion (not as far as Christian Rock is concerned, but rather deep seeded roots – rock seeped with religion and religious ideology in practice and form). Production processes of the Rock Poster - history, mediums, etc; purposes of the Rock Poster (advertisement, keepsake, etc.).

For further reading, enlightenment, or to stand for/or against, following is a short list of materials reviewed:

Rock my Religion: writings and art projects, Dan Graham
Rock Music, William J. Schafer
Art of Modern Rock, Paul Grushkin & Dennis King
Creating Deviance, Daniel Dotter
Andy Warhol 1928 - 1987, Jacob Baal-Teshuva
All Shook Up: How Rock N' Roll changed America, James M. McPherson
Rock Recall, Micheal J. Budds & Marian Ohman
Just Kids, Patti Smith
Masters of Poster Design, John Foster
New Poster Art, Cees W. De Jong, Stephanie Berger, Jorre Both
+ more