Rock N’ Roll is more than just music. When successful, bands become cultural icons. The poster and other Rock N’ Roll memorabilia are no longer advertisements or tokens. The rock poster itself has become a cultural flag, and a means to define oneself.

Rock N’ Roll is intended to provide for its followers a greater sense in existence, as does organized religion. The parallels are undeniable:

A sense of the infinite; for guidance; something to live for; to fear and the release of fear; a sense of community and a support network; to serve and worship. People are looking for stability, fulfillment, love, acceptance, hope, release from personal accountability; a sense of privilege, honor, and benefit; for comfort, to gain immortality, and for answers.

In greater part, duly, Rock N’ Roll is a commercial religion -- maintaining control and influence through consumerism, while still expressing and delivering a real sense of afore mentioned.

Unplugged Confessional: The Religion of Rock is a visual discussion concerning social and commercial correlations between organized religion and Rock ‘N Roll music. Through a series of rock-esque posters, printed material, and an interactive web experience, the audience is encouraged to examine their personal belief system as well as question purposes in their own musical loyalties and preferences.

Rock N' Roll Religion

Rock N' Roll is my Religion

Do you believe in Rock?!

Do you believe in righteousness? Do you believe in freedom? Do you believe in love? Do you believe in being true to yourself? Are you looking for acceptance? Are you looking for answers? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to feel good? Do you want it to last forever? Do you believe in the indulgence of life?

Well what are you waiting for, kid? You’ve arrived. Introduce yourself to the Religion of Rock N’ Roll!

Rock N’ Roll is a belief – a way of life. It’s a gathering of the minds – a collective. It's people coming together as individuals and uniting to become a whole. It's who you are, being true to yourself, and being cool to others doing the same damn thing. It’s realizing the bigger picture and knowing you’re a key player in it.

Rock N’ Roll is liberation from responsibility and personal accountability. It’s doing what you want, when you want, and suffering no consequences. It’s a proclamation of self and the fame that comes with it!

Rock N’ Roll is living your own life, making your own choices and your own decisions; finding the path that works for you, whatever it may be.

It’s a destruction of fear, eradication of mind control and manipulation – pure freedom.

Rock N’ Roll glorifies the unrepentant sinner. It demands sex now, without consideration of reproduction and ignoring responsibility. Acting out instinctual sexual desires is pure and innocent. Sex is love – there is no distinction between the two – and love is universal. Rock N’ Roll advocates love. Love will unite the world.

Rock N’ Roll says music and violence must coexist. Don’t be afraid of violence! Violence is a pleasure of intensity and a revolutionary in force. Like intoxication, it becomes a transcendence of death and removes fear from mortality. You were born and you will die, but you will not be afraid.

Rock N’ Roll wants you to have fun. Labor, suffering, pain, and hardships are punishments from God. God is unpleased when you do not enjoy life and partake in delights. But isn’t that sinful, you say? Ah yes – “Sin.” You should start to understand they’ve got it all backwards. Suffering is sin. Pleasure is divine.

There is a difference between the belief that man is responsible solely for himself and what Rock N’ Roll preaches: society free of sexual and economic competition – freedom to consume; freedom to play; freedom to appreciate. This is the path to happiness and happiness is the greatest good. 

What about Rock N’ Roll makes you most happy? Claim your testament!




Rock tells us that it doesn't care whether you are a dude or a chick, young or old, rich or poor, and it definitly doesn't give a shit about what color you are. Rock is all loving, all accepting, mother of good vibes and good times.


The Devil 

The Devil

He's that guy your parents warned you about. He's the one who gets blamed for bad behaviour and everything wrong with the world. He's really not that bad and now that you're playing with him, you've got nothing left to lose.

Open your eyes. Expand your mind. Tell them the devil made you do it.




You're going to die. Get used to it, buddy. There's no way around it. It will happen. Why waste your time worrying about whether what you are doing is right or wrong? You only get one life, man, you better start living it!




Rock tells us that pleasure is a good thing. It's all about enjoying yourself, having a good time, no consequences!