My name is Stephanie Watters Flores.

I am an educator,  graphic designer, artist, screen printer and above all else, life liver extraordinaire. I believe life is an adventure, providing us opportunities for personal growth through experience, chances to help others rise to their greatest potentials, and the freedom of choice to make the world a better place. Gaining in age is equivalent to gaining progress and I aim to improve as I grow older.

My greatest strengths are in the relationships I have with others and how I use my talents, abilities, and authenticity to inspire, educate, and bring out the best in them. A mentor once asked me why I felt I was capable of doing the work I do and my response was simple: because I want to. Ambition, determination, dedication and passion are the driving forces behind meeting challenges and finding success in anything I pursue. I am great with helping others realize the best qualities within themselves, whether it be colleagues, students, or clients. I am honest, hard-working and straight forward. I am an asset in any environment, especially in roles involving people, which is why I chose the path of higher education and graphic design.



My goal is to obtain a position of Professor of Graphic Design where I can apply my positive and effective teaching style to the development of the esteemed institution and its students.


Below is a video of my daughter Kaja dancing in the mist at Cincinnati Zoo in 2010. The video captures the essence of a sense of freedom of self that only comes from a youthful innocence. The music is a 6 second time stretch of Cat Power's A Dream.





  • Excellent experience in multiple classroom platforms and varying types of student relations.
  • Solid experience in digital arts and visual communication.
  • Profound knowledge in software programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.
  • Extended ability to produce a wide variety of graphic products for print, web, and branding, as well as different training materials.
  • Established esteemed and lasting relationships with clients.




Indiana University

MFA Graphic Design 2011

Elective coursework focused on new media, digital design, screen printing, and book arts.


Southern Utah University

BFA Graphic Design 2008

Elective coursework focused around design practices, art theory and history, fine and applied arts including printmaking and painting.





Southern Utah University

Adjunct Professor

Spring Semester, 2016

Taught Digital Imaging, an introductory course.


Art Institutes of Pittsburgh (AiO)

Adjunct Professor

Sept. 2011 – Present

Teach condensed 5.5 week courses revolving around Graphic Design and design applications; courses include but not limited to: typography (advanced and contemporary), web design (html and flash), digital design (design & technology, advanced graphics), portfolio work, and history and analysis of design. A full list of courses taught is available upon request..


IT Training & Education at Indiana University

Instructor and Assistant

September 2009 - Aug 2013

Instruct, assist, and develop technical training workshops and online workshops; main focus around Adobe design programs (CS3 through CS6) and web design and construction through code and/or use of website building programs. A full list of workshops taught and/or assisted in is available upon request.


Indiana University

Associate Instructor

Aug, 2009 – May 2011

Teach Graphic Design 1, introductory college course to design concepts, practices, history, and basic skill with Illustrator.




Art, Entertainment & Design (www.BeCreativeHere.org)


June 2016 — Present

A small art studio in Cedar City, UT, providing the community with a space to create through the use of equipment and supplies available within the studio. Classes, workshops, and private lessons are offered to help and encourage creative individuals to learn to express themselves through visual art and design.



Senior Designer

August 2013 — June 2015

Work directly with a wide range of clients across the US to create compelling multichannel identification designs for online and offline use. Designs for clients have led to successful campaigns, increased brand awareness and increased revenue. Assist with lower level designer projects, marketing, and professional services. Major project: Namify Creative


The Ryder Magazine

Art Director

January 2011 – Present

Oversee final design of monthly arts and entertainment magazine; assist with lower level designer projects; design elements including cover, table of contents, feature articles, advertisements, and more.


Indiana University

Graduate Assistant

August 2008 - May 2009

Maintain graphic design introductory course website (www.iub.edu/~s250); and assist in technical problems with printers and design programs.


Southern Utah University

Web Design

January – May, 2008

Designed and developed the “Outdoor Everything” website for the university.


Southern Utah University

Mac Lab Assistant

January 2005 – December 2007

Helped graphic design students with learning design programs and homework.


Self Employed

Design/Painting/Screen printing Tutor

January 2005 – Present

Offer my services as a personal tutor for anyone interested in learning art and design concepts or programs; clients range from undergrad student to journalist to anyone interested in fine or commercial arts and/or design; I also own a screen press that I use to teach students process concepts.


Freelance Design

January 2003 – 2013

All areas of design (print, poster, identity and branding, packaging, marketing, etc) and fine art (commissioned and exhibition work).





  • Mac & PC OS
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • Muse
  • Flash
  • Office




  • Graduate Assistantship, IUB 2008 - 09
  • Associate Instructorship, IUB 2009 - 11
  • Outstanding Graduate in Art and Design, Southern Utah University, 2007 – 08
  • Dean’s List, Southern Utah University, Spring 2007




  • Guest Lecturer, SUU Printmaking, Spring 2016
  • Bloomington Screenprinters Guild, Founder 2010
  • Apple Z (SUU Graphic Design Club) – President, 2007 – 08
  • AIGA Student Membership
  • National Colligate Honor Society Membership





Southern Utah University, Faculty Show

January 2016

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, SUU, Cedar City UT


Muse Music, Solo Show

October 2014

Muse Music Cafe, Provo UT


Women Exposed 2013: Past, Present and Future

April 2013

I. Fell Building, Bloomington IN


National Society of Arts and Letters, Visual Arts Annual Competition

April 2011

Grunwald Gallery, Bloomington IN


MFA Thesis Show, Unplugged Confessional

March – April 2011

Indiana University Museum of Art, Bloomington IN


White Space

January 2011

Fuller Projects, Bloomington IN


Sharpie Art Show II

December 2010 – January 2011

Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles CA


National Society of Arts and Letters, Visual Arts Annual Competition

January – March 2009

Gallery North, Bloomington IN


Graphic Design Area Exhibition

2009, 2010, 2011

Grunwald Gallery, Bloomington IN


84th Annual Spring Salon

April – July 2008

Springville Museum of Fine Art, Springville UT


SUU Art and Design, Senior BFA Portfolio Show

May 2008

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, Cedar City UT


Cedar City Art Committee, 62nd Annual Art Exhibition

June - August 2007

Library in the Park, Cedar City UT



I've really enjoyed the class. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been the best instructor I’ve had at this school in 3 1/2 years, because you seem so invested in us and give such great feedback. Thanks for everything.


Student Commentary, AiO Portfolio Preparation, Summer 2014




My own adventures, both positive and negative, have taught me that I am more capable than I may realize and through my work, I am living what I love.


Graduate school was difficult for me in that my work seemed to hardly meet the challenge that was presented. I was reminded time and time again it wasn’t good enough and I must try harder. It was a trying three years, but in the end, I came to realize the harsh criticism of my professors were attempts at helping me to realize and come into my full potential. It was only when I received the “thumbs up” from the department head moments before I was handed down the passing score of my final oral examination, that I came to understand their true purpose and intentions. In one moment, I felt cheated that I had spent so much time concerning myself with every minute detail in immense fear of their harsh words; while at the same time, feeling a newfound sense of accomplishment because I knew it was all worth it.


In college, my experiences were very different. I felt praised at every step – encouraged by my professors as if I was the student who was really going to be successful. I was told many times I was one that made their position worthwhile. I always appreciated that positive feedback. I felt a true sense of encouragement and honor.



I’ve had Stephanie Watters Flores as a professor before and both classes I learned so much from her and really enjoyed her classes! She’s an awesome teacher and I hope to have another of her classes before I graduate. Student Evaluation, AiO Advanced Typography, Winter 2012 


When I started teaching, I wasn’t sure which approach to take with my own students. I wanted them to understand the self-awareness and sense of accomplishment that I was able to gain from surviving graduate school, but I also wanted to convey the acclamation I received in college.


Ultimately, we have to love what we do or we won’t make it. The field of design is cutthroat and competitive. Just having a degree and/or a portfolio doesn’t guarantee anything. Designers have to prove themselves time and time again. The field can become very difficult and discouraging, much like my experience in graduate school, and designers must have passion for and love what they are doing in order to maintain the motivation and dedication required to succeed.


I teach with this thought in mind. College is a place for gaining knowledge through lesson and experience. It needs to be enjoyable in order to translate into success for the student. I teach my students to understand what they do, why they do it, and to love what they do, or, to find something else.


I teach my students how difficult design can be -- harsh and trying. Design will test their boundaries and push them in directions that they may be afraid to venture, but are worthwhile.  My students learn that design is more than just a title or a job, but a way of living.


My role as an educator is to facilitate these ideas. I am not only providing them with the information necessary but conducting a healthy, fun learning environment so they can obtain said information comfortably. I stress a community within the classroom where open sharing of ideas and knowledge is welcomed and encouraged. I want them to succeed in their endeavors, whatever they may be, and I provide what I can to help them do that.



This is one of the best instructors I have had. Always posting updated instructions for an assignment and videos to assist. Step by step provided if needed. Very constructive feedback for changes. Very good at working with the student if the student was wanting a certain design to work. I have worked with another student from this class prior. This student seemed way behind in knowledge of the software used or level of designs. This student’s work seemed to improve with this instructor.  Student Evaluation, AiO Advanced Computer Graphics, Spring 2012 


Critiques are vital in the classroom. Students need direction, but not direct answers. They need to learn from asking  questions and finding answers within. I’ve often told my students I believe we are already equipped with all the answers and we go to school to learn how to express them. I attempt to lead class critiques with said goal in mind and ask questions to engage students in ways that promote self-realization of concepts and purpose.


Generally the first critique of the semester is a single class activity. This gives students an opportunity to hear each other speak as well as introduce themselves in a positive, participatory, analytical way. With the second critique, the class is broken into 3 or 4 smaller groups and students are given the challenge to evaluate each others work, as well as their own, in a more personal setting. This allows them greater honesty and openness, encouraging a more significant individual role in the critique as it becomes less of a “show-n-tell” and more of a meaningful and productive conversation. I oversee these discussions and encourage the students in solving problems together.  At the end of class, all students come together to present the most successful projects in their groups, citing specific examples.  These group critiques are very rewarding for students on a personal and communal level.


In lectures, I engage students through incorporating questions directly and providing specific visual examples, as well as initiating open discussions pro or contrary to the concept or statement being presented. Sustainable Design is a topic often discussed. Though I have my own opinions, an open dialogue is initiated in asking students what it is to “be green” and how design can be sustainable in other ways than just cost effective and through use of recycled materials. Another topic of discussion I feel adamant about is ethical practices of design. I want to ensure students understand the societal role taken on as a designer and to practice said authority honestly and with integrity.



I just have to say I really appreciate your honesty, hard work, encouragement, and patience! I do know that I had alot of bumps in trying to complete this course, but you were there supporting all of us the whole way! Thank you so much for being a great teacher and supporter it really helps and goes a long way.  Student Commentary, AiO History and Analysis of Graphic Design, Fall 2014 


My classroom maintains a free and creative environment through participation and active communication. Though very specific gauges are placed in the beginning, most class activities are open for consideration to provide students with responsibility and confidence in their role as a student, a designer, and a team member. For instance, I enjoy discussing with students how project points will be allocated, regarding what they feel is essential in the success of a project.


Discussion of design concepts, execution, participation and freedom of expression are key to the success of my classroom. I care about my students and I want to be sure I provide them with as much as I can as they look to me for guidance. The goal is for students to walk away from the course with confidence in themselves and their abilities through the experiences had, and knowledge and understanding gained.


My stance on education is that of an opportunity for personal growth and development. When students come to appreciate what they can gain from an education, they come to realize they are limitless in what they can achieve.


Would I recommend this class to others? Absolutely. Our instructor handled the subject with professionalism, enthusiasm, and valuable insights.


Student Commentary, AiO Contemporary Typography, Fall 2012



Thank you so much for all that you do for me and Redstone Residential.  Stephanie Flores has always been very professional and helpful.  I do not have an in in-house graphic designer, however I have found that I do not need one.


It is really easy to use your services.  You have been really quick and have always delivered on time.  I also very much appreciate your ingenuity and sense of humor.  I feel that you understand my target audience and it makes the product very effective.  I also very much appreciate that I do not need to micromanage my projects that you do for me.  I look forward to many more ideas and designs with you and your graphic design team.

Jake Jarman, Redstone Residential/Wolverine Crossing


Namify Creative

Namify's design department and team, titled Namify Creative. Project is ongoing, requiring a portfolio website, allowing customers to view past design work created by Namify's design team as well as make contact, request quotes, apply for positions, and learn more about. Namify Creative also provides seasonal specials which are advertised on Namify's homepage and in marketing emails. My role in this project includes design concept, art direction, illustration, and construction.

Learn to Fish Recovery

LTF Recovery is a rehabilitation center in Florida focusing on women and children who have been victims of Human Trafficking and suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The website is a work in progress.

Stephanie Flores is simply amazing! So friendly, easy to work with, did everything in a super timely manner -- just great! And that doesn't even include her truly amazing graphic design skills! I just gave her some vague, pie in the sky directions ­-- but what she designed was better than I even imagined! I've worked with a lot of graphic designers, but Stephanie is in a league of her own -- both skill wise and customer service wise. Thank you so much!

Helen Knipe, Utah Department of Public Safety


Varsity Day Camp

A day camp located in Pickney, MI. I handle all web updates and maintence as well as advertising and marketing design.

The Ryder Magazine

As Art Director, I oversee design of all articles and place final elements. I also design the cover, table of contents, recurring articles, feature articles and advertisements. Below are examples from the latest issue.

select covers

Best of 2014 Issue (January 2015) select pages

Neighborhood Housing Services of Silicon Valley

For NHSSV, I design flyers, business cards, door hangs, postcards and anything else they made need.

Stephanie Flores  was a pleasure to work with. She helped our company (Tokkii Inc.) get our website online to make our presence known. She was able to get the look and feel we were looking for in our website www.mytokkii.com. Stephanie was always available to make changes as we needed which made for a great website. All the wishes we wanted our website to do she made it happen.


The best part was that the price was just right. Other companies would have charged an arm and a leg. We will definitely continue to use Namify for our website needs and will recommend Stephanie and Namify to anyone who could use their services. Thanks again Stephanie!!!

Victor Bellesteros, Tokkii Inc


Unplugged Confessional

Unplugged Confessional: The Religion of Rock is a visual discussion concerning social and commercial correlations between organized religion and Rock ‘N Roll music. Through a series of rock-esque posters, printed material, and an interactive web experience, the audience is encouraged to examine their personal belief system as well as question purposes in their own musical loyalties and preferences.

Thank you so much for your work on the shirt design for our duathlon. People absolutely loved it, some even vowed to come back just for the shirt. We were down to the wire on a design deadline with no time and only the vaguest idea how to create a professional looking logo. Stephanie Flores whipped it out in what seemed like one breath and lifted the stress off my shoulders. Thank you so much.


Lance Romo, The City of Bellingham


Street Dialogue: Bloomington, IN

Cruise Pack

A small business out of Spanish Fork UT responsible for the Cruise Pack, a tablet harness for bikers.

Fore the Animals Golf Tournament

Annual golf tournament in Portland OR to benefit the Humane Society of Oregon.

Various Advertisements

Various Logos


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Stephanie Watters Flores